Zedly, Inc.

Welcome to Zedly, Inc. your number one source for Wireless Technologies and IoT Sensors.

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Wireless Systems, with a focus on:

  • Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats for Home and RV
  • Wi-Fi GPS Trackers
  • Security Sensors
  • Custom IoT Sensors for Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Our customers include many Fleet and Commercial Trucking companies, consumers and companies from around the world.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making and offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, Tom Roberts

The Zedly Team

Tom Roberts

Founder and CEO

Tom founded Zedly in 2015 to explore wireless technologies in the IoT space. He brings decades of programming, networking and product development experience to Zedly. After studying computer science at NC State, Tom has worked in the financial, healthcare, security and IT services sectors, continually advancing his skills while successfully delivering mission-critical projects based on evolving technologies. 

Angelo Kuczerewicz

VP of Commercial Sales

Angelo joined the Zedly team in 2016 to head up the Trakkit™ fleet and RV automation sales programs. Angelo Kuczerewicz brings deep knowledge of business-to-business sales and marketing to the project. Angelo’s career in gourmet food marketing and distribution has required that he successfully negotiate with suppliers and distributors, while expertly guiding his company’s supply chain strategy.

Alan Horenstein

Marketing Strategy

Alan joined Zedly in 2017 to craft and implement marketing strategies.  Alan brings creative, numerical and linguistic skills to Zedly, helping to address consumer and commercial audiences with the right messaging about the features that matter to them.

Thijs Sillen

Lead Electrical Engineer

Thijs, joined Zedly in 2016 and has worked with small startups to large companies. He brings a range of EE design experience to Zedly including low power design, Li-ion battery pack design, and embedded electronics for Zedly’s array of wireless products.

Yury Bushev

Lead Backend Developer

Yury is an experienced software engineer who is building Trakkit™ applications, server-side features and enhancements, and supporting developers who are using Trakkit™ public API. Yury has been developing server-side applications for nearly 8 years, using a number of different languages. He joined Zedly in 2016 to help create the next generation of GPS tracking platform, and he’s now part of Zedly team bringing cutting-edge technologies to the server and cross-platform applications.

Phil Lindsey

RF Systems Engineer

With over 30 years experience in electromagnetic theory, propagation analysis, and antenna and RF design, 24 years at a major defense contractor, Phil brings antenna and RF system needs from conception to prototypes for Zedly.