Wireless Systems for Automation, Security and Asset Protection

The Smart RV Thermostat

**Compatible with most Single-Zone RV AC and Heating Systems


• Wireless: WiFi and LTE Cellular
• Supports 12 VDC, 24 VAC Systems
• Remote Control from your SmartPhone
• Temperature & Humidity with Alerts
• Firmware Updates via WiFi OTA
• Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Backup
• Use with Trakkit™ Sensors to monitor:
RV Equipment, Doors, Bicycles, etc.
• Get Alerts if your RV Temperature
Rises or Power is Lost
• Upgrade to Digital RV Thermostat from most Dometic
or Coleman
See our Article for Use Cases

GPS Tracker

• Wi-Fi based GPS Tracking
• No Monthly/Yearly Subscription
• User-Replaceable AAA Batteries
• Long Battery Life (months!)
• External Power via Micro-USB
• Motion/Vibration Detection
• Email and Text Alerts Available
• Hardwire as a GPS Tracker for Car, RV, Heavy Equipment
• Automatic GPS Log Uploads via Wi-Fi

Fleet & Trailer Tracker

• Reefer or Dry Trailer Tracking
• Track Reefer Cargo Temperature
• Track Battery Voltage
• No Cellular Plan Required
• MiFi/Hotspot Enabled

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

• Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor
• Uses 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi
• 20 Day Data Storage
• 2 User-Replaceable AAA Batteries
• Typical Battery Life, 7 months
• Can be External Powered via Micro-USB
• 0.35F Temperature Accuracy
• 2% RH Accuracy
• Email and Text Alerts

The Zedly Edge

• Wireless Sensors
• Engineering at light speed
• Industrial IoT solutions
• Building Online communities

Zedly Systems

• Bending Wireless capabilities
• Ultra Low Power Specialty
• AI <-> Big Data <-> Sensors

Zedly Quality

• USA Company
• In-House Hardware/Software
• FCC/IC approved
• Patents Pending